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Planning For long-term Health Care

By Buck Colefield

The future is doubtful and anything can occur. You may live a long and active life, only to die at the age of 102 while you are out on your daily jog, or you may suffer from a stroke at the age of 62 and require long term care to help you do your daily activities. As a result, you need to start planning for long-term medicare to guarantee you don’t be afflicted by an unexpected event that could leave you as a financial burden on your family.

Planning for long-term medicare comes down to 2 factors : savings and insurance. If you have got a big savings, you’ll be able to use it as a cushion while you get long term care insurance to help pay your costs, without dipping into your savings too much. When you get long-term care insurance, you may be paying the premiums for several years before you start to consider collecting benefits on it, but when you do you will have an excellent monthly income which will leave your savings untouched.

You may have $50,000 saved up in the bank, or even more, but when you allow for all your costs, especially the fact it can costs $5,000 a month to stay in a care home, your $50,000 vanishes after only 10 months. If you have $500,000 saved up, then your savings will cover you for about eight years, but if you are 62 when you suffer from a stroke that leaves you in need of daily care for 10 years, you are two years too short. However, if you’ve a plan that pays you $2,000 a month, you are able to increase your ability to pay for your nursing home and your home care by an another five years. That comes from only paying $40 a month or more into your premium!

It is incredibly important to start planning for long term medicare because when you’re young, your premiums will be much less than when you are older. As well, almost 50% of all people who collect on long term care insurance plans are folk below retirement age. Accidents can occur and you don’t want to be a burden on your family when you were an asset before. Planning your long-term medical care through long term care insurance schemes implies that won’t happen and you may receive the care you need, while your family does not have to luck out financially.

Conclusion long term health care needs can happen to anyone, from the earliest age to the oldest. To ensure that you are able to afford the heavy costs of nursing and home care, you will need to start planning your long-term health care. This is done through getting long-term care insurance plans that will give you the cushion you must enjoy life in a retirement home, without having to worry about your finances. Savings will run out eventually, so you need to prolong them so long as you can by planning your long term medicare with a long term care insurance plan.

You should ask for help from an insurance representative who makes a speciality of long-term care insurance to respond to any questions.

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