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Lower Health Care Insurance Rate — Tips For Folks Who Are Committed To Saving Much

Are you serious about cutting down your costs by reducing your premium dollars? Then look no further as this write-up will explain what to do and point you to all you need to pay far less. I’ll reveal many sure-fire recommendations that will make you qualify for huge discounts. And this will be without compromising the quality of coverage you get. Here are the tips…

1. Smokers have rates that are twice or more that of people who do not smoke. Smokers are more likely to die at a tender age and are also more likely to have many deadly diseases.

This raises their risk to a health insurance carrier and therefore raises their rates dramatically. Once you quit smoking for up to twelve months tell your current insurer or reapply to some other insurer and you’ll experience a considerable drop in your rates.

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2. Professions that are regarded as hazardous get more expensive quotes. Choosing a non-hazardous profession will reduce your premium by a considerable margin. If your work exposes you to dangerous chemicals, for example, your premiums will be much higher than that paid by a similar profile who maybe works as a receptionist in a shop.

3. Married people can spend less by using the same policy. You have to compare though to determine which gives you more savings.

This is because based on your profiles and health conditions, you may be better off buying two separate plans.

4. If you want to save in health insurance open a Flexible Spending Account. You can save tax-free dollars to cater for your health needs. The interesting point about this account is that it permits you to roll over the money not used into the subsequent year tax free. You can build a considerable reserve of money for your health needs tax-free if you open a Flexible Spending Account.

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5. You can lower your costs by opting for an HMO. They provide a more affordable option than traditional health insurance. Just bear in mind that with the lower cost as well come restrictions in the choice of hospitals and health care professionals you can use.

If what you think you lose in the limited choices an HMO gives is much more than the benefits, you can still choose regular health insurance.

For such people, cost can be lowered if they take the time out to shop extensively for the best rates in traditional health insurance. This is a sure-fire way to pay more affordable rates while using a regular health insurance plan.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to accept the restrictions, you will pay cheaper rates with an HMO.

6. Knowledge, they say, is power. Those who know more about health care and insurance are better positioned to find sweeter offers. Furthermore, you will as well be more prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.

You can get advice on health matters from government agencies by calling their number toll-free. One of such numbers is that of the National Health Information Center: 1-800-336-4797

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7. If you take advantage of phone med services you would have done a lot to bring down your costs. These services offer free medical services 24 hours daily. They are usually manned by not less than a registered nurse with not less than ten years experience so you can trust the advice you get from them. You’ll also receive free medical advice by phone from local medical clinics.

This, generally, should bring down the number of visits you make to a doctor notwithstanding the fact that it’s not an alternative to doing so.

In addition, you get timely help that could help you treat certain issues before they get out of hand. So they are worth giving serious thought.
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