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Low Cost Health Insurance — Steps To Take If You Want It

An affordable rate can be achieved in many ways. However, a number of them could leave you slightly compromised. I don’t naturally approve of such ways as they rubbish the main aim of insurance in the first place. So, I’ll only give you options that will as well have you well covered in spite of saving you much…

1. Your co-pay can be more than your drug cost in a number of situations. It might be cheaper for you to buy a prescription from your purse (without your health insurance). Use the option that gives you more savings.

Do you best to find out the difference before you use your insurance.

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2. Maintain a healthy life style and you’ll pay cheaper rates over time. For example, your rate will be reduced with time if you avoid junk food. Cutting off fats, cholesterol and high carb from your diet makes it easier for you to retain the right weight, live a healthier life and, as a result, get cheaper rates.

You will also help your health and rate by having regular exercise.

3. In the majority of cases, your routine medical check ups would not cost you anything extra as your health insurance plan would probably have up to two complimentary medical check ups for you annually. In case you would like to know why this leads to cheaper rates, here it is…

Since ailments are spotted at their early stages by doing such check ups, they are more easily treated without much expense. You reduce the risk to your health insurance provider by so doing.. Your insurer in return gives you cheaper rates over time because you took active steps to lower their risk.

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4. You can lower your rates by not drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking irresponsibly makes you a bad risk and so increases your rates.

Most health conditions are made more likely by taking alcohol.

How much drinking is ok for you? I can’t really say as there are people who can drink a bottle and still maintain their cool while some will drink just a sip and then go bersek.

What I’m sure of is the fact that avoiding alcohol use is good for you. For people who cannot stay away totally, do your best to drink in moderation.

It’s just that for most people drinking responsibly is even more difficult than staying away completely. Seek help if you want to give up alcohol. There are groups that help alcoholics quit drinking.

5. This is something that may not concern most people but should be mentioned…

Beside the fact that you’re putting yourself at risk, using banned or yet-to-be-approved drugs will increase you premium. Misusing drugs also will make you pay much more in health insurance. Along these lines, steer clear self-medication for both its dire implications and the fact that it will make you pay much higher rates.

6. An HMO will will get you health insurance at a cheaper rate. HMOs provide coverage that is cheaper than regular health insurance. With the cheaper cost comes restrictions in the doctors, medical professionals and hospitals you can use.

If what you think you sacrifice in the limited choices an HMO gives is much more than the benefits, you can still buy traditional health insurance.

For such folks, cost can be slashed if they take the time out to shop extensively for low rates in traditional health insurance. That is how you’d be able to land lower rates for traditional health insurance.

But if you are ready to go with the restrictions, then an HMO is a good alternative for bringing down your cost.

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7. You will spend less on health insurance by joining a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization. It is more expensive than an HMO and as well offers more options.

It is up to you to check the benefits you’ll get with what you will save to determine if it will serve you better than traditional health insurance. If cost is the priority, you’ll almost always make more savings by joining a PPO instead of getting traditional health insurance.
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