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Cheaper Individual Health Care Insurance — Advice For Lower Rates

17% of the American population does not have any form of health insurance. This report can be relieable because it is from the U.S Census Bureau. It is important to point out that group health plans are the reason why a high pecentage of these few who have health insurance can pay for it.

This becomes a serious issue as this suggests that a larger number of Americans might be without health due to the withdrawal of group health insurance by many employers. The increasing cost of health care is the reason for this situation.

The only way left for the majority who would want to have a health insurance coverage would be to get individual health insurance. This means that, it will be a welcome development for such people if they can learn ways of bringing down such health insurance cost by a huge margin.. Hopefully, this write -up will uncover proven ways to save on health insurance…

1. Smoking will always attract expensive individual health insurance rates. Smokers are more prone to die untimely and are also more likely to have many harmful diseases.

If smoking results to certain health conditions, then it makes an individual a high risk and that calls for higher rates. If you can abstain from smoking you will attract rates that are considerably more affordable when you reapply after 12 months.

2. That excess weight is costing you more in health insurance. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a very serious factor used to calculate your risk to a health insurance carrier.

A high BMI will always attract an expensive rate all other things being equal. You’re overweight for your height and sex if your Body Mass Index is high. And don’t think that you’ll get savings only when you lose fifty pounds, just losing a few pounds will get you lower rates once it reduces your Body Mass Index rating.

3. It is now commonly known that smoking will attract higher rates. What people might not appreciate is that this is also true if you use any other type of tobacco product. Individuals who snuff or chew tobacco will also attract higher rates than those who don’t

Steering off all tobacco products will help you get less expense in individual health insurance.

4. Believe it or not, the way you drive can have a negetive effect on your health insurance rate. Being convicted of traffic offences is not only bad for your auto insurance rate it also has an effect on your health insurance rates. This is because you will become a worse risk to your insurer.

You will reduce your costs if you cultivate a the right attitude behind wheels. Extra powerful automobiles like fast muscle cars and super bikes will make you pay a more expensive health insurance rate. This is because they will more easily make you need medical attention because they have a higher risk of accidents.
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