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Cheap Individual Health Care Insurance — Advice For Lower Rates

A report shows that not up to 2 out of every ten Americans have health insurance coverage of any type. This report can be relieable because it was released from the American Census Bureau. In addition, a good number of people who have any type of coverage can pay for it only because of group health plans.

This, regrettably, may soon history as many businesses might soon remove group health insurance from their employment packages as they are becoming quite a strain on their businesses. The increasing cost of health care is responsible for this situation.

This suggests that for most individuals to have any kind of health insurance, they would have to fend for themselves. The necessity, therefore, of knowing how to get more affordable health insurance premiums can’t be overemphasized. It is my hope that this write -up will make you know time-tested saving tips on health insurance…

1. Smoking will always attract expensive individual health insurance rates. It’s not debatable that smoking is the leading cause of cancer and other terminal diseases.

If smoking causes specific health problems, then it makes a person a high risk and that calls for higher rates. Once you quit smoking for about twelve months tell your current insurer or reapply to some other insurer and you’ll experience a considerable slash in your rates.

2. That excess weight will make you spend more in health insurance. An insured’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is a serious factor that determines what a person pays as rate.

If your Body Mass Index rating is high, your premium will be expensive. If your Body Mass Index rating is high it simply means that your weight is too much for your height. Now don’t postpone it for when you can lose thirty pounds since shedding as little as five pounds can drop you into a lower Body Mass Index rating which will result in more affordable rates.

3. Using tobacco in any form will increase your rates. Those who snuff or chew tobacco will also attract higher rates than people who don’t

Therefore, you’ll help yourself attract lower individual health insurance rates if you stay away from tobacco use in any form.

4. If you drive recklessly then expect to pay higher health insurance rates. Being convicted of traffic offences isn’t only bad for your auto insurance rate it also has an effect on your health insurance premium. The simple reason is that if you are such a driver, you’ll more probably require medical attention for injuries than a very careful driver.

Improving your driving history and developing a good driving culture will reduce your premium. If you drive a fast muscle car or power bike, you’ll likely pay much more for health insurance. This is because they are more likely to make you need medical attention because they have a higher risk of accidents.
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