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Affordable Individual Health Insurance — Make Out Time To Study This

Do you want to pay less? If your answer is “Yes” you need to do all within your ability to learn as many tips as as you can find for cheaper rates. I’ve provided enough ideas to help the greater majority make savings of over 50% on insurance…

1. There are established brands in the pharmaceutical industry. If you buy such medicines, your cost will be more. For those who don’t know, the law stipulates that all drugs must consist of the same active ingredients whether they are brand names or generic. Where the differences start and end are in their choice of inactive agents.

So by using brand names you really aren’t enjoying more value although they cost a lot more. Notwithstanding, check this with your doctor before making this decision.

2. You’ll attract more affordable individual health insurance premiums if you pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This authorizes your insurance provider to automatically withdraw your premiums from your account at specified intervals. This eliminates administrative overheads like those incurred when mailing payment notices. This is why this attracts cheaper premium.

3. For folks who have a longtime ailment that makes it tough or costlier for them to get private personal health insurance, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) insurance could offer a more affordable option.

4. If you plan to spend less on health insurance then you have a good opportunity in a Flexible Spending Account. It is a kind of savings account where you can put tax-free dollars for your health needs. Any money not used could be carried over into the next year (still tax free). You can build a considerable reserve of funds for your health needs tax-free if you open a Flexible Spending Account.

5. Your individual health insurance plan would likely offer you up to two free visits to a doctor for preventative health care check ups.

Why does this bring about savings?

Since diseases are spotted at their benign stages by doing such check ups, they are more easily treated without spending much. It is cheaper for your insurer to do this than to treat health conditions when they’ll cost a lot more.

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