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Most Common Variables Considered When Calculating Home Insurance Rates

By Amy Nutt

Home insurance provides coverage for homeowners against the risk of loss that may occur from damage, fire or theft. Home insurance rates look at the probability that a loss will occur based on the claims experience of the insured, who is the homeowner.

Home insurance uses individual underwriting standards to assess risk. Risk is the potential for a reduction in value that may occur. When a number of these occurrences happen for a particular insured, the insurance company either raises the rate or drops coverage. It is the hope of the insurance company to not have to pay claims and employ assessment factors to understand better the likelihood that a homeowner is exposed to loss and rates it accordingly.

Certain factors beyond the individual homeowners claim experience include zip code ratings, type of home owned, whether any commercial activity takes place in the home, and the home’s overall value in comparison to similar homes within the area. These factors give the insurer the information needed to calculate the probability off loss and adjust rates accordingly.

Hazards are factors that can lead to a loss. There are three hazards, physical or tangible hazard, moral which is character and morale or indifference. For example homeowner A who buys home insurance policy for a home that is rented out to tenants will pay a higher rate than homeowner B buying home insurance on a similar home in which she resides. That is because homeowner A has a higher morale and physical hazard present in the home than homeowner B does. The tenants are not the owner and may not hold the same regard for the home as the homeowner does. This could lead to physical damage, deterioration or even theft.

A census or zip code assessment looks at the instances of crime and vandalism that occurs in a given area. Homeowners purchasing home insurance in high crime areas face higher premiums than homeowners who live in outlying suburbs. There is some controversy over this type of practice and was the basis of a group action lawsuit in Milwaukee in the late 1980s against American Family Insurance Company. The results of the suit led to changes in the underwriting practices in certain minority communities in the City of Milwaukee.

The likelihood that a loss occurs and the probability associated with it results in the rating factor. The rating factor may be set based on community experience or standards and may be reduced over time where individual claims experience results in better a rating.

All insurance provides an indemnity benefit to reimburse an individual for the value of their loss. An insured who believes that the purpose of insurance is to profit or get more than the fair market value of their property do not have the appropriate understanding of what insurance is for. Insurance is not for making a person rich but rather to keep them from becoming poor. To provide piece of mind risk ratings reflect experience, probability and the presence of other measurable variables that can be statistically tested.

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Protect Your Health With Personal Health Insurance

By Clarissa Winegarten

Being healthy is very important and health insurance plays a vital role in this aspect. One has to be very careful while choosing a personal health insurance plan. There are two main things that are to be considered and they are the cost factor and the plan benefits. Both the things are very essential, you must make sure that you get the lowest quote and also the quote must also give all the benefits we are looking for.

At the onset, you should acquire a fundamental knowledge about the personal insurance plans. It is simply a kind of insurance policy that takes care of your health for a long period. It includes the family members too. It should be capable enough to look after the small problems as well as bigger problems.

Personal health insurance plans have a tendency to be pricey but there are ways to reduce the cost. Most people get their health insurance done in a group through their employers which proves to be many times less expensive.

Combining of a health insurance policy with your car insurance can also bring in some discounts for you. There are a few ways where you can save cost on your personal insurance policy plans.

It’s best to conduct a detailed study of the various health insurance policies available before committing to one. Compare the different quotes provided to arrive at the best decision. A considerable amount of time and energy has to be allocated to this process which would yield you good results. Also make sure that you get your policy from a reputed insurance company.

First we will have to get the quotes of various insurance companies so that we can compare all of them. It is very easy to get a quote on the Internet; all the famous companies have their website where we get the insurance quotes for free. After going through the questions we can chose the best answer among the given. After that we get a response almost immediately and they also will give the comparison with the other similar insurance from other company. After that we can pick the best insurance plan in the market and then be covered by a personal health insurance plan.

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How the Jack Lalanne Diet Can Boost Your Health

By Paul Taylor

Jack Lalanne is thought by many to be the fitness guru of modern and old times. At 93, he is going strong like an eighteen year old boy. He is so physically and mentally fit that people find themselves being in envy of his lifestyle. There have been many copies of his style, fitness regime and technique but not many have met with success.

Jack Lalanne is someone whom has been concerned about his fitness for many years. He sticks to his regime of working out for two hours every morning. He consumes high doses of vitamins and eats a diet that contains high levels of enzymes and nutrients. He is particularly against white sugar and feels everybody should give this up. He has also given up chicken and red meats and consumes more soya protein.

Much of the protein in his diet comes from egg whites, and sometimes fish. Fish is believed to be the best source of protein as well as important essential fatty acids.

At a very young age Jack was addicted to sugar and junk food but soon gave them up. After the age of around fifteen he turned his focus onto health clubs and dieting. He does not promote any of these low carbohydrate diets but he does recommend including natural grains like rice or whole wheat.

He advises to eat at least ten pieces of fresh, raw vegetables a day. The reason for this is that fresh vegetables contain high concentrations of important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium.

Deserts which are high in sugar and calories should be stopped at any cost and Jack has not consumed desert for almost seventy five years. Lalanne advises altering your dietary habits to include more fresh foods in place of junk foods. Drinks like colas should give way to healthier fruit juices. The intake of processed products should be gradually lessened and more fish and raw vegetables should be eaten.

Foods that contain high levels f fat and oil should be avoided as they are a common cause of obesity. Dairy products like butter and cheese are an example of this as they can lead to a build up of fatty tissue. Water is very healthy and it is advised to drink about six to seven glasses a day.

Jack Lalanne is often considered super human and has broken many world records. If you take it seriously, following all or part of his plan can do wonders for your health and life.

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College Student Insurance Plans – Protecting Your Health While At School

By Clarissa Winegarten

Students or other young folks must take out student health insurance plans. The day to day activities and the fast life style of today has put the young generation into a risky environment. The current statistics on road accidents speak of this unfortunate trend seen in recent years. They have been found to be most vulnerable category among all due to their emotional characteristics.

Some have a do or die nature which constantly lands them in trouble. They are also easily prone to infections. Therefore it is advisable for them to take out student health insurance plans to ensure protection of their health.

Students have an active lifestyle and have a lot of freedom to go out and socialize, so they are more vulnerable to being infected by diseases or be the victims of road accidents. Since parents already spend a lot of money for the educational needs of the students, bearing the treatment costs of them will be an additional burden. So it is very important that students should have health insurance.

Students today enjoy a lot of freedom. No wonder they are prone to accidents and various types of infections. Parents spend large amounts of money in educating their children. An additional expense in the form of medical treatment could prove to be a huge financial burden for them. Therefore taking out a health insurance policy is the best way to lower this burden.

Buying insurance online is the best and cheapest way for a student to buy the insurance plan. You can check all the various medical insurance policies on the Internet along with the details of the plans and in which conditions they can be availed.

We can even make a comparison of various plans when we make a request to the insurance company. After making all the necessary checks of the conditions of the plans and select which one is right for you, you can buy it. Knowing the insurance policy perfectly is the key to selecting the policy that is right for you.

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Getting The Best Health Insurance

By Kunal Wadhwani

Once you begin your search for an affordable health insurance plan, you would find some that fits your bill completely and some which are not that suitable for you, and if you opt in for something that turns out to be the latter, you may regret it for the rest of your time.

This is a sad tale of many individuals who are not suitable for the health insurance schemes funded by the government under Medicaid because they earn more than what is required by an individual to be a beneficiary of Medicaid. At the same time, their earning isn’t so much, so as to enable them to buy a private health insurance policy, the prices of which are skyrocketing by the day.

Amongst all this desperation and gloom, Insurance Care Direct is the beckoning ray of hope that will find you the most affordable health insurance plan to cover not only all medical expenses and risks but also those of your family. The effective health insurance quote generation system finds you the best and the cheapest quote for the kind of policy suitable for you, as indicated by the needs and requirements you’ve filled up in the quote generation form. ICD is a renowned name in the field of insurance business and a trustworthy insurance brokerage firm that assists you in finding suitable health insurance plans, now even online through its website

After you have ended your search for an affordable health insurance plan you can further consult ICD for more negotiations and thus acquire the most of your requirements as specified in your form and help convert the deal in your side and thus reap maximum potential of it. Thus ICD acts more like an agent but it is surely way better than it.

It so happens that since the big firms are applying for group deals, they often benefit in terms of quotes and the additional burden of the difference is then bore by the small and medium scale firms and individuals, however ICD takes care of this and helps even the small firms to gain considerable benefit and thus acquire an affordable health insurance plan.

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Medicare Advantage Plan Terminating or Reducing Their Service Area: Understand Your Rights

By Nick Hildenbrand

Medicare Advantage plans can drop you at the end of the plan year if the plan does not renew its contract with Medicare. A plan that does not renew its contract with Medicare may decide to drop select geographic areas of service, or it may decide to nonrenew the entire plan.

A plan may involuntarily disenroll you for failure to pay premiums timely, for causing a disruption in the plans ability to deliver health care services, or if it cannot meet your medical needs. If you are involuntarily disenrolled, you are automatically returned to coverage under original Medicare at the beginning of the month following your involuntary disenrollment.

A Medicare Advantage plan is required to notify members of Medigap guaranteed issue rights when disenrolling to Original Medicare during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) if they are terminating or reducing their service area. In a majority of cases, the plan must send written notice to all Medicare members at least 60 days before the effective date. Nevertheless, if CMS initiates a termination, members will be notified 30 days before the effective date. In certain situations a Medigap issuer may require the beneficiary to provide further documentation of their guaranteed issue rights as a result of disenrollment.

If you are involuntarily disenrolled because your Medicare Advantage plan nonrenews its plan, you have the right to apply for a Medigap policy, as long as you do so within 63 days of notice of the nonrenewal.

If you voluntarily disenroll because you decide a Medicare Advantage plan is not right for you, you may have a right to Medicare supplement coverage as long as you have not been covered by a Medicare Advantage plan before and you disenroll from the Medicare Advantage plan within 12 months of your enrollment. This right is limited to the same Medicare supplement in which you were most recently previously enrolled, excluding any outpatient prescription drug coverage. If you do not have a right to get your same Medicare supplement coverage back, you will have to complete the medical questions on an application for Medicare supplement and the insurance company can deny your application.

Guaranteed Issuance Rights: Enrollment in an MA plan at age 65 If you enrolled in a MA plan when you turned 65, you have Medigap guaranteed issue rights if you disenrolled from the plan within the first 12 months. Your Medigap Guarantee Issue Period starts 60 days prior to your disenrollment and ends 63 days after your disenrollment. In this situation, you are eligible for all Medigap policies.

Guaranteed Issuance Rights: If you are over age 65, enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time and you disenroll from the plan within the first 12 months You must have had a Medigap policy prior to your MA enrollment. Your Medigap Guarantee Issue Period starts 60 days prior to your disenrollment and ends 63 days after your disenrollment. If the Medigap plan you owned prior to enrollment in the MA plan is still being offered, you must return to that plan. Otherwise, you can choose from plans A, B, C, F, K or L.

The Medigap issuer cannot impose conditions on coverage or discriminate in pricing based on your age or health status except as permitted by state rating regulations. They also cannot charge pre-existing condition exclusions, even without creditable coverage. Keep in mind, you must exercise your Guaranteed Issuance rights within 63 days of the disenrollment date from the Medicare Advantage plan.

Our licensed insurance agents are available to help answer any specific or detailed questions you have.

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Tips for an affordable health insurance

By Kunal Wadhwani

The prices of an affordable health insurance plan has also gone so high that it has become a dream for an average individual for buying a health insurance plan for himself and his closed ones. People are refraining from the idea of taking a health insurance plan because its believed that the procedure involved cost him so huge that going for the plan would really not be that affordable.

No more of this now. Even as the Congress is debating the various aspects of the bill that seeks to make health insurance a public option, Insurance Care Direct is increasing its list of satisfied and healthy customers by helping them subscribe to a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan which will not only guarantee an inexpensive and timely treatment in the event of a medical crisis but also subsidize their routine checkups, prescription costs, hospital expenses, ambulance expenses and much more.

You can now choose from various types of insurance plans available like the individual insurance, group insurance, short term plan, student plan on the website which provides you a complete guide for an affordable health insurance plan.

The whole system at Insurance Care Direct is very effective and holistic in nature, as in the experts here take care of all the aspects of the health insurance plan you want or the one you choose to buy. ICD enjoys tremendous market goodwill as an insurance brokerage house and this goodwill emanates from the prompt state-of-the- art and service provided by it.

It’s a known fact that most of the citizens depend upon either their employer for a health insurance coverage or their spouse. The students are covered in their parent’s policies and the senior citizens are covered under the family plan their children have purchased.

But what about the time when all of this ceases to exist?? Where would you go for affordable health insurance coverage?? The senior citizens may still get coverage under the Medicare plan of the federal government; others invariably will have to opt for an individual health insurance plan. So why wait till the last moment?? What about the expenses you will incur on your health related problems that may surface during the period you are uncovered?? To avoid such hassles, generate a health insurance quote today only on

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Short Term Medical Plans – Offering Temporary Health Coverage

By Clarissa Winegarten

Today’s fast paced life is susceptible to all sorts of unexpected eventualities. In order to protect your health against hazards an insurance cover is always essential. Medical insurance has proved to be vital to any individual’s or family’s healthy existence. There are a good number of medical insurance companies offering scores of attractive policies.

The duration of the policy is from one to six months. This corresponds to its name – short term medical insurance. It can, at the most, go up to a year. Not only should the cost advantage, the utility factor of the plan also be given importance. It is then possible to arrive at an option which would best suit your requirements.

On the whole it is very similar to the regular insurance plan. You will get the same insurance card and along with it we are also given the limitations about various treatments and types. These advantages entice the niche category of students and unemployed people or those with temporary job. Also this is very nice for those who keep traveling a lot due to the nature of the job.

In some cases this plan is preferred by certain people who do not fall under the said group. This is to take advantage of the lower costs associated with it. The basic nature is somewhat like the conventional protection plan where in the policy holder is given a card which specifies the limitations to certain treatment costs.

One major difference with other long term policies is that this plan does not cover illnesses which the policy holder suffered from before taking such a policy. Also routine checkups are not covered under this plan.

In spite of its limitations the short term insurance plan is used to cover unforeseen eventualities and the resulting treatment costs. Retired people, students, unemployed workers etc constitute the usual participants to this scheme.

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Discount Travel Insurance For Over 65

By Amy Nutt

The prospect of traveling, whether within the country or abroad, can be very exciting. There are so many places to go and things to do! It’s a little easy to get carried away with planning events and there may be a need to adjust the budget a time or two accordingly. When preparing for travel, it is wise to keep in mind ways to keep the costs down. There are many ways to decrease expenses and have a pleasant trip.

There are, however, some things that should not be skimped on. One of these is Travel Insurance. It may be fun to frequent a local market a time or to rather than the fancy eatery. But while insurance may seem like an expense that you can forego and the likelihood is great that you won’t have occasion to use it, it is a precaution that you should be prudent to work into your budget.

You’ll want to determine what advantages you’d like to include and locate a reputable agency. There are quote sites available that allow you to enter specific criteria including age. Within a company there are different plans. Determine what amenities you’ll really need. If you are not carrying sports gear or equipment, for example, you will need a smaller amount of coverage. You may be able to rent some of the equipment when you arrive. Take note to the difference in plans- some have cancellation policies that may cause you to lose out depending on the reason. If you have an unexpected event that causes you to cancel your trip, you should be able to re-book when convenient for you without it costing you again. Some plans refund a voucher, some give back cash. Even if you can’t afford the most expense plan, basic coverage will give you a bit of security and peace of mind so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

To keep the cost down, there are many options available. Many travel agencies have discount program available depending on the age of the travelers. There are plans for the over 65. To take advantage of some of these discounts, it may be as simple as a call to your local agency. Or, you might complete some online searches to compare prices from one company to another.

Often, depending on the trip you’d like to take, there are group rates available for the travel itself or for individual events when you arrive. This is an additional savings that means it may benefit your pocket to travel with friends

By this point in your life, you may have accumulated ‘frequent flier’ miles. These can help with your budget as well so that that you needn’t skimp on the insurance. Be a bit resourceful, do your homework, and you will be able to have the vacation you want.

With a little hunting, on average, the over 65 crowd should be able to arrange at least a 10 or even 15 % discount from their travel insurance costs.

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Tips You Should Know Before Choosing Health Insurance

By Robert Cox

Making a wise decision on which Health Insurance Policy to buy may seem like a confusing task, but if you consider just these five most important items you and your agent will both find that you are a Savvy Buyer! These items are your KEYS to picking a policy that’s right for you:

1. The Insurance Company’s Rating

Ask your agent for the Company’s A.M. Best rating. If the company is highly rated at this national rating registry, then the company will have literature showing their rating with an explanation of what it means. Choose only companies that have an A or A+ rating.

2. The Insurance Company’s Record of Complaints at your State Board of Insurance

Every large company will have some complaints. Avoid companies that have a high number of unresolved complaints. Ask your agent for the phone number for your State Board of Insurance. If he will not give it to you, this is a warning signal! You can also look up the number in any directory of your state’s agencies. No matter what your agent says, CALL your State Board of Insurance and ask them for the record on any company you are considering.

3. The Limits Shown On Your Health Insurance Quote

Check your quote to see if you are comfortable with the benefit levels. You can usually change several levels to fit your needs and budget. For example, a higher deductible will cost less each month. Also, many plans give you a choice to split your medical bills with the Insurance Company either 50/50 or 80/20 (with them paying 80%). Then they will have an amount (your stop loss) where they will take over at paying 100% of your covered bills for the remainder of the year. These deductibles and other levels start over every year in most plans. Some plans, though, have a “per cause” deductible. Such a deductible means that you will be responsible for bills up to that deductible for each accident or illness. Make sure you are aware of this distinction, so you can choose a plan that’s right for YOU!

4. The Limits Revealed Within The Policy

Ask your agent for a sample policy, and then check two sections: The Benefits and The Limitations and Exclusions. Many of your benefits are actually limited in the Benefits section. For example, diagnostic testing or outpatient treatment may be severely limited. These days, you could have a serious disease such as cancer, and never go into the hospital for it. You could rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills for the diagnostic and follow-up lab tests and MRIs, and then have surgery, chemo, or radiation therapy all on an outpatient basis.

Other items that may be limited are your hospital room rate and intensive care. Your hospital room rate should be at least average semi-private and your intensive care benefit should NOT be tied to your room rate, but should, instead, be covered as whatever is an average ICU rate for the area of the hospital, also. Some policies limit the ICU benefit to 3 times the regular room rate, when ICU can cost you 10 or 20 times the room rate each day. A short hospital stay with a limit like this in your policy can cost you literally thousands of dollars. A long hospital stay with a limit like this in your policy could drive you into bankruptcy. Even if your policy says it takes over at 100% after $5,000 of covered medical bills, the important term here is “covered” medical bills. If the policy only pays three times the room rate for ICU, then the rest of the ICU bill is considered an “uncovered” charge!

Look out for these types of limits!

Also, be sure to check the Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation if you already have any medical conditions, and ask your agent if the Company will be excluding your conditions permanently on your policy.

5. Pay the Insurance Company, Not the Agent, & Follow Up!

And lastly, make your check payable to the Insurance Company, and then follow up to make sure it was received. When you get your policy, check the Schedule of Benefits to verify you got the coverage you ordered, and then check to see if any special Amendments were added to your policy to exclude any of your conditions. If an Amendment exists, these conditions will always be excluded from this policy, even after the Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation expires.

Following these five tips will help you choose a health insurance policy which will protect you from catastrophic medical bills. You may think, “Isn’t that what any health insurance policy is for?” Yes, that is the reason for buying any health insurance policy, but, unfortunately, many policies fall short of actually providing this protection! Be sure to take the time to choose wisely when it comes to your health insurance!

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